Buying steroids online in UK: Guide on Cycles


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There are loads of great cycles of steroids aimed at different standards of bodybuilder or looking at different outcome. I’ve just picked out ten great ones and given a brief description for each. Please bear in mind that sometimes there are different names for drugs depending on where you are in the world or who makes it. Most importantly – do not even consider using steroids unless your diet is ideal for gaining muscle mass, even if you are looking to increase your definition. You should also be training very hard and regular.


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[box]Cycle for mass, strength and power. Begin with this steroid cycle.[/box] [button link=”/product/first-steroid-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy 4 weeks testosterone propionate cycle Shop –

[box]Short steroid cycle with quick acting testosterone propionate. Enough time to feel how it works and decide whether to quit or continue. [/box] [button link=”/product/4-weeks-testosterone-propionate-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Primo Anavar and Propionate Shop –

[box] Another great stack for the summer which will give user lean muscles growth and long results will be kept because of primoxyl usage.[/box] [button link=”/product/primo-anavar-and-propionate/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Cutaxyl 150 Cutting Cycle Shop –

[box]Cutaxyl 150 cycle for the summer. Cutaxyl 150 is a mix of 3 compounds (test prop, trenbolone and drostanolone) which are mixed in the right proportions.[/box] [button link=”/product/cutaxyl-150-cutting-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy 10 Week Cutting Cycle Shop –

[box]10 Week Cutting Cycle. It’s time to get in shape before summer.[/box] [button link=”/product/10-week-cutting-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy 14 Weeks to Quality,Strength and Lean Muscles Shop –

[box]Qualitative muscles and strength steroids cycle. Try something new.[/box] [button link=”/product/14-weeks-to-qualitystrength-and-lean-muscles/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Test P/Anavar/Primo/Winstrol Stack Shop –

[box]You want to run a safe steroids cycle? Here it is, made of safe compounds which will make you look ripped and will add you some quality muscles gains.[/box] [button link=”/product/test-panavarprimowinstrol-stack/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Sustanon cycle Shop –

[box]Strength and muscles increase guaranteed 100%[/box] [button link=”/product/sustanon-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Oral cycle – Anavar Shop –

[box]This is safest oral cycle, if you want safety and no injections go for it. No pins, no injections just tabs.[/box] [button link=”/product/oral-cycle-anavar/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Testosterone Steroid Cycle Shop –

[box]Basic Testosterone Steroid Cycle. Best option for a first steroid cycle.[/box] [button link=”/product/testosterone-steroid-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy 14 Weeks Lean Muscles Steroid Cycle Shop –

[box]This 14 weeks cutting cycle will give user quality muscle gains and if combined with cardio and diet ripped look will be achieved.[/box] [button link=”/product/14-weeks-lean-muscles-steroid-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Strength and Bulk Steroid Cycle Shop –

[box]This 12 week cycle will give user mass and strength. Everything included.[/box] [button link=”/product/strength-and-bulk-steroid-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy 12 weeks bulking cycle Shop –

[box]12 weeks bulking cycle made of Testosterone and Dbol Muscle and Strength increase. It’s time to look bigger![/box] [button link=”/product/12-weeks-bulking-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Anadroxyl and Sustaxyl Shop –

[box]Anadrol + Sustanon Steroid Cycle Incredible strength and mass increase.[/box] [button link=”/product/anadroxyl-and-sustaxyl/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Testoxyl Propionate and Oxandroxyl Cycle Shop –

[box]Cutting steroid cycle for 12 weeks. Increased muscle hardness and better look guaranteed.[/box] [button link=”/product/testoxyl-propionate-and-oxandroxyl-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Testoxyl Propionate and Stanoxyl Depot Shop –

[box]10 weeks summer cycle. Start this cycle in April or May.[/box] [button link=”/product/testoxyl-propionate-and-stanoxyl-depot/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Testoxyl Propionate Cycle Shop –

[box]No water retention, good quality muscles gains. Good before summer and just as a first steroid cycle.[/box] [button link=”/product/testoxyl-propionate-cycle/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]


Buy Testoxyl Propionate, Winstrol and Anavar Shop –

[box]10 weeks summer cycle. Start this cycle in April or May.[/box] [button link=”/product/testoxyl-propionate-winstrol-and-anavar/” color=”green”] Buy Now[/button]