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Stanozolol is considered to be one of the most popular and well-known steroids today in use. It is introduced to the market in 1960s by Wintrop Laboratories and its popularity over the years continued to grow. It was developed for medical purpose of treating anemia; moreover, it has been also used for veterinary purpose. The low androgenic properties it has and being responsible for building high caliber muscle tissues made it a widely-used steroid among both bodybuilders and athletes.

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Stanozolol is preferred by so many bodybuilders. That’s because winstrol produces quite good strength and muscle gaining without excess weight gain. It won’t convert to estrogen therefore, you will not need to take anti-estrogens like tamoxifen, clomiphene and anastrozole with and after your winstrol cycle as post cycle therapy. Moreover, stanozolol does not cause excess water retention and has not diuretic side effects

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An anabolic steroid of the DHT class Stanozolol will not aromatize at all making common steroidal problems such as Gynecomastia and water retention, cholesterol, liver toxicity, hepatic, hair loss, acne. We said only names of possible side effects of stanozolol. As you easily guess, all kind of anabolic steroids may cause the side effects above.

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Stanozolol is available without prior prescription from UK Express Pharmacy. It has more anabolic properties than androgenic ones which is why its anabolic or estrogen-related side effects will less likely to develop; moreover high blood pressure is not an issue while using it.
Women often have difficulties using anabolic steroids because of its Virilization effects; however, Stanozolol as it’s often known carries a much lower Virilization rating.

Stanozolol dosage: how much should you take

Dosages may change between 25 and 50 mg per day so how can you decide the most suitable dosage on for your body? You should take care a couple of things. I simply mention what they are. First the most important factor is your steroid history. If you took 25 mg at one of your previous cycles you definitely get higher dosage. That’s because your body get used dosage so doesn’t react like the first. Other factors are your weight and height. Dosage must increase comparatively with your weight.

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